Uniswap Resurgence Incoming? Analyst Predicts 30% Surge For UNI Price

Uniswap’s native token, UNI, has been struggling in terms of its price action over the past few weeks. Although the general state of the crypto market may be blamed for this gloomy price performance, other factors, such as the Wells Notice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to the Uniswap protocol, have also played a role. However, the UNI price appears to be recovering well, as the token has jumped by more than 2% in the past day. A popular crypto pundit on X has predicted that a bullish rally might only just be beginning for the DeFi coin, but the question is – how far can Uniswap’s price go? Analyst Sets $10 Target For Uniswap Price In a recent post on the X platform, prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez put forward an exciting bullish prediction for the price of UNI. According to the expert, the cryptocurrency might be getting ready for a run to the upside in the coming days. Related Reading: Injective Votes On Major Upgrade To Make INJ Even More Deflationary: Will Prices Recover? The rationale behind this bullish prognosis for the Uniswap token is based on the TD (Tom DeMark) Sequential Indicator. The Tom Demark Sequential is an indicator in technical analysis used to identify the probable time and points of trend exhaustion and price reversal. Uniswap's daily price chart | Source: Ali_charts/X The TD Sequential indicator consists of two stages, namely the “setup” and the “countdown” phases. As shown in the chart above, UNI’s price just completed the setup phase, which comprises nine consecutive candles that closed lower than the candle four periods ago. The completion of this phase usually signals a potential trend reversal for the token’s price. The direction of the reversal depends on the type of candles that formed the “setup” (I.e., red candles would suggest a bottom for the asset, while green candles would imply a top). Martinez noted in his post that the TD Sequential has flashed a buy alarm on the UNI daily chart, and the token might be “gearing up for a 1 – 4-day rally. According to the analyst, the DeFi coin could jump as high as $10, representing an over 31% surge from the current price point. UNI Price Overview As of this writing, the price of UNI stands at around $7.46, reflecting a 2% jump in the past 24 hours. However, this latest price increase is not enough to bring the coin to profit on the weekly timeframe. Related Reading: Shiba Inu Burn Rate Sees 81% Daily Increase, But Why Is Participation Low? According to CoinGecko’s data, Uniswap’s price is down by more than 4% in the past seven days. The cryptocurrency would look to regain the $10 level, having lost it due to the news of the SEC’s looming action.  UNI price showing signs of recovery on the daily timeframe | Source: UNIUSDT chart on TradingView Featured image from Uniswap Labs, chart from TradingView

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