Stobox Week 37/2020 Report

Technical Development

Front-end of the Stobox Dashboard:

Refactoring of front-end (v.1.6);

Finished a Corporate dashboard (KYB);

Updated Stobox website 6.0.

Analytics Business Documentation

Developed a draft of Stobox Whitepaper 1.0;

Created Stobox Exchange Tokenomics;

Researched new Ukrainian, Switzerland, European blockchain laws and regulations;

Started working with professional advisors to complete the Horizon 2020 grant application;

90% of the Stobox Utility Model Registration completed, to protect Stobox Intellectual Property.

Business Development  Sales

New client for Stobox Dashboard in the pipeline, Digital Securities Exchange from Asia that want to provide primary issuing service for their clients;

7 potential clients and partners after the participation in BlockchainUa Summit:

Crypto Exchange Consbit, for listing our STBU Token;

2 Crypto Funds from Russia looking for tokenization of the fund units;

VC early-stage fund from Ukraine;

Blockchain Lawyers;

2 Media Companies that can help us with promotion;

Conducted 6 calls with potential partners;

Received 2 requests from the website;

A new contact in the pipeline from the lead generation of financial service providers;

Billed clients 8,900 EUR for Stobox Consulting Services.


Issued a Stobox Press-Release and distributed through 30 groups and chats;

Created Stobox give away and distributed through 25 groups and chats;

Published a speech from FinTech Disruption Summit from Borys Pikalov;

Published a FinTech interview with Roel Wolfert for the Stobox YouTube channel;

Recorded a FinTech interview with David Weild (Vice-chairman Vice President of NASDAQ) for the Stobox YouTube channel;

Published a Stobox Insights video for the Stobox YouTube channel by Borys Pikalov;

Conducted research on Twitter advertising;

Conducted research on YouTube video promotion and optimization;

Published comments to 3 news on the Stobox Social Media.

Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference:

Confirmed participation of David Weild and Anndy Lian in Digital Assets Investment Conference hosted by Stobox;

New 2 Media sponsors in the pipeline who can help us with the event promotion;

Developed a schedule of the event 2.0;

Connected Stripe to sell tickets;

Updated the description of the event.

Legal and Finance

Created an account in the payment institution for the affiliated Stobox Company;

Created an agreement for the Real Estate Company from Switzerland;

Created an anex with the invoice for a Fintech Incubator from the UK;

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Background Photo by Steven Ritzer on Unsplash

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