Stobox Week 36/2020 Report

Technical Development Front-end of the Stobox Dashboard:- Login and Registration (v. 0.5);- KYC passing and updating (v. 0.2);- Dashboard of individual investor (v. 0.8);- Settings of individual investor profile (v. 1.2);- Profile pop-up block (v. 0.1);- Company profile (v. 0.1);- Company dashboard (v. 0.3); Back-end of Stobox Dashboard:- GDPR Compliance server-side balancer development. Analytics Business Documentation Created a Stobox Road Map; Created a new chapter about secondary market for the Stobox Feasibility Assessment; Started a registartation of the Stobox Utility Model to protect Stobox Intellectual Property. Business Development  Sales New project in the pipeline — Real Estate company from Switzerland; Participated in the virtual meeting of JSTOA (Japan Security Token Offering Association); Conducted 3 calls with the Digital securities exchanges (Standart Capital, Tokenise, Archax); Conducted 6 calls with potential partners; Received 7 requests from individual investors from the Stobox website; A new contact in the pipeline from the lead generation of financial service providers. Marketing Published a speech from Gene Deyev, Co-Founder and CEO; Inited a new guest, Rey Fernando for the Stobox FinTech interview; Recorded a FinTech interview with Roel Wolfert for the Stobox YouTube channel; Published a Stobox Insights video for the Stobox YouTube channel by Borys Pikalov; Published comments to 2 news on the Stobox Social Media; Created a new intro-video for the Stobox YouTube channel; Published a comment from Borys Pikalov, Co-Founder and Head of Business Analytics; Created a draft article for TheTokenizer; Started working with professional contractors to promote our Social Media; Started working with professional contractors to distribute Stobox press-release; Started hiring a designer for Stobox. Stobox Digital Assets Investment Conference hosted by Stobox: Confirmed participation of Roel Wolfert, Yanina Petrovskaya, Brian H. Hough, Kenneth Garofalo; Defined the infrustructure for the event; Developed the integration of Eventbrite and Hopin; Created a technical task for the development of the website for the event. Legal  Finance Сonducted a research about the taxation in the USA; Created an agreement for the private equity firm from Russia; Paid to get a trademark, cuttently on the last stage of registration.

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