How to claim your Creamcoin prize on Bigcoinpage

So you found a paper wallet public/private key on Bigcoinpage's treasure hunt? Here's how to claim your cryptocurrency prize.

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If you found a paper wallet public/private key on Bigcoinpage's treasure hunt. Here's how to claim it

1. Create your Creamcoin Vault wallet.

Head to to create your Vault wallet.

2. Download the Cream Core desktop wallet.

Download the desktop wallet from You'll need a desktop wallet to import the private key so you can claim the Creamcoin.

3. Open the console.

Click "window" > "console" from the menu to open the console.

4. Import the private key that you found.

Type the following into the console: importprivkey AAaaAaaAAaAAaAaAAAaaaAaAAAAaAAAa "bigcoipage_winnings" (where AAaaAaa.. is the private key)

5. Connect to Creamcoin nodes to join the network

Type the following into the console: addnode "" "add"

You'll need to wait around 3-10 minutes for Creamcoin Core to sync with the blockchain.

If everything worked, you'll see your imported wallet with the Creamcoin value.

6. Send the creamcoin to your Vault wallet so it's yours forever.

At this point, the Creamcoin still belongs to the wallet that is hidden in Bigcoinpage's grid. To make sure nobody else finds it and transfers the creamcoin to themselves, you'll need to transfer it to your personal Vault wallet.

Click "send", enter the amount, and your vault wallet address from step 1. Once you send, the Creamcoin will be yours forever.

Haven't found any creamcoin yet? There's plenty to be found at

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