Past Winners


(🏆 WON ON 7th July 2019 🏆)


(🏆 WON ON 9th July 2019)


(🏆 WON ON 14th July 2019)


(🏆 WON ON 27th Jun 2019)


(🏆 WON ON 22nd Sep 2019)

How to spend the creamcoins stored in a paper wallet?

You will need to import the private key in a real CreamCoin wallet

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How to advertise on Big Coin Page

1. Send 1 ETH (per section) to:


(e.g. if you want an entire row it is 12 sections; so 12 ETH)

When sending, add your URL to the 'hex data' of the transaction for verification

2. Email your link and image to (include your transaction hash)

What advertisers get

  • A permenant spot on our homepage and rotating ads on our crypto treasure hunt grid
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