Find free Ethereum in the grid!

A public/private key wallet with free ETH will be added to this grid on random days and times. Will you be the one to find it?

Current wallet to be found 0.2 ETH: 0x3d299db607ccf6aAD69E89b622925F4b20cb8B83

Advertise - Own a part of crypto history

How to advertise on Big Coin Page

1. Send 1 ETH (per section) to:


(e.g. if you want an entire row it is 12 sections; so 12 ETH)

When sending, add your URL to the 'hex data' of the transaction for verification

2. Email your link and image to (include your transaction hash)

What advertisers get

  • A permenant spot on our homepage and rotating ads on our crypto treasure hunt grid
  • Etch your name in stone on this epic page; that people will be visiting for the next 10 years.
  • Get a shoutout on our twitter and Instagram pages
  • Media coverage of this crazy page
  • Priority invitations to our marketing activities